the story of bakamuna

Bakamuna is a startup venture powered by MTI’s idea2fund, which takes shape as a mixed media lifestyle design brand in Sri Lanka. We use a range of mediums to translate original concepts from vision to creation.

The creative process begins with
which forms a visual idea that gets applied through various mediums. The brand’s speciality is mixed media illustrations. This integrates two or more artistic mediums such as ink and pastel or painting and collage, that are combined in to a single composition.


We create innovative designs and mixed media illustrations that are novel. We connect with our audience by allowing them to express themselves through our designs. We collaborate with the Bakamuna community to celebrate life through art!

Our designs are inspired by a wide range of sources like indigenous cultures around the world, the natural environment and elements of music.

These dynamic designs have been applied on a range of lifestyle products such as art prints, homeware, stationery and accessories.


We have our own special story of inception to share with you our audience!

The name ‘Bakamuna’ is derived from a village in Sri Lanka which is known for its remarkable arts & crafts. Bakamuna is also a Sinhalese word that translates to the word ‘owl’.

Coincidence or fate? Our story takes us back to our lead artist, a professional designer who confesses to the fact that her creative brainstorming and artistic activities occurs owl night long!

the chief bakamuna

Rochelle Bibile (Chief Bakamuna) is our lead designer whose desire to create has always been part of her DNA.

Her passion for art began at a young age which kindled the spark to pursue a tertiary education in this very same field. She holds a Degree in Graphic Design from the Academy of Design, Sri Lanka and a Masters in Business Administration from Anglia Ruskin University, UK.


Although she is a designer by profession, she has always been an artist at heart. Her hobby has now become her career through idea2fund.

Being part of the creative culture in Sri Lanka, she is enthusiastic about recognising and supporting original local art and loves to look for new ways of creative expression.

Bakamuna’s designs are “organic, vibrant and daring!”

why is bakamuna special ?

We want you to see our designs through the lens of an owl for its originality, use of modern mixed media and emotion led inspiration.

Bakamuna’s identity is 100% original creativity right from the spark of inspiration to the vision which is translated into a form of art.

Our contemporary mixed media designs are a mixture of both digital and non-digital mediums, which blends together to form illustrations that are truly unique!

Each illustration created by Bakamuna has a significance and a story behind it. It is an expression that is left open for interpretation and different people may find elements within the illustrations that they are able to relate to and engage with.